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Belkin Valet Charge Dock – a fully integrated charging solution

The Belkin Charge Dock for Apple Watch and iPhone is the only product on the market with an integrated Apple Watch charger, which provides a convenient, simultaneous charging solution for both iOS devices. The dock combines an integrated, adjustable Lightening connector for iPhone and a magnetic charging surface for the Apple Watch. The adjustable iPhone connector accommodates for most phone chases, while the minimalist stem positions both devices at the perfect viewing angle. The minimalist design of the dock allows it to blend seamlessly into any environment. The chrome stem, which serves as a backrest for the iPhone and a platform for the watch, was intentionally built as a minimal element. It is an interesting, sculptural element that stands out when the dock is not in use, and disappears almost entirely when devices are placed upon it for charging. We carefully scrutinized the tilt angle for both devices to optimize user experience. Whether the dock is placed on a bedside table or on a kitchen counter, the user will be able to interact with both devices without strain.