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Playjam Misfits – gaming with attitude

Inspired by humanized toys, Misfits is family of playful gaming controllers kids want to play with even after video game play stops. Each controller has a unique personality and riveting back story. These customizable, collectible, story-driven controllers are perfect for little hands. We carefully scrutinized size and button locations for the best possible grip.The body of each Misfit doubles as its charging station, and completes each character when the controller is not in use. An integrated touchpad, marked by four dots around the mouth, maximizes functionality. Each separately-sold Misfit has a unique silhouette, color, and backstory.  This attention to detail extends the product’s life cycle, turns these controllers into collectible items, and boosts sales opportunities with the periodic release of new characters. Each comes with a comic book, illustrating each character’s origin story, and giving kids a new way of interacting with their game controllers.