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POLYCOM OTX- where the speed of business is forever increasing

Polycom, a leader in Video conferencing, needed a new telepresence product to meet the evolving needs of global business. Polycom approached Pip Tompkin Studio with what seemed the impossible task of taking a product of this scale from sketch to launch in eight months. The project was incredibly complex, as not only did the new product need to create a new standard in telepresence design, but it needed to meet architectural standards from all over the world, meet seismic challenges in earthquake zones, provide a global electrical solutions to meet regional codes, flexible enough to adjust to a distorted floor in a historic buildings, pack small enough to fit in the hull of a plane, and the elevator of a Skyscraper. In addition, the design demanded the highest levels of acoustic performance have the highest optical quality and provide a studio like lighting to make participants look their best. Polycom drew upon Pip Tompkin team’s design adaptability, intellect and initiative to invent creative solutions to these and many other project challenges. The design approach was to develop a product that was as engaging in the room as on camera. This was new thinking to an industry focused on screen presence. The OTX was designed as a tool to promote creative thinking, collaboration and facilitate decision making. In a world where the speed of business is forever increasing, the OTX is a critical tool.