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Polycom RealPresence Trio – the world’s first smart hub for group collaboration

A decade of research on user behavior informed the development and design of this multi-purpose conferencing solution, which has revolutionized the way teams share ideas. The Polycom RealPresence Trio is much more than a conference phone. It is a smart hub that makes interactions between media and applications possible. We worked closely with the acoustic and engineering teams to fit all the technology, speakers, and highly sensitive microphones into the iconic three-legged form, and keeping the new product low-profile and unobtrusive. It was important to us to push beyond conventional user expectations of a conferencing speaker, and meet all of the demands of the modern conference room. The Trio comes with built-in background noise blocking technology and a microphone coverage of 20 feet per microphone. Optional expansion microphones allow users to extend this already impressive reach. Speed connection for every call allows users to easily join a meeting with one-step-to-join feature and calendar integration. Illuminated mute buttons on each leg, an easy deploy feature that mimics phone functionality, and 5-way HD voice conferencing capacity allow for enhanced user experience.