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PUREGEAR GAME CASEĀ - a case to game

Gizmodo said “We’ve already gone into detail on why you don’t need a case for your iPhone 5, but that was before PureGear unveiled its line of awesome Retro Game Cases. Obviously, this changes everything”. The Game Case is another product that came from PureGear investing in the Big Think, Big Idea process. The process takes a wide look at the product category and the market’s needs, desires and behaviors and then identifies product and business opportunities. The Game Case was designed to appeal to a generation that grew up on these original handheld games and a younger generation that would appreciate the retro feel and the humor of placing such a low tech game on the back of such a sophisticated hi-tech device. PureGear took a chance and developed the Game Case and launched it at CES in 2013. The product won a number of awards and accolades and opened up new channels for the brand.