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PUREGEAR PX360 - a case to do something extreme

PureGear approached Pip Tompkin Studio to create series of mobile accessories and a product brand strategy for a difficult and oversaturated market. Together with the Pure Gear team Pip Tompkin Studio, identified a number of business opportunities. One opportunity was the need for a well-designed ruggedized product. The PX360 is a rugged case for people with extreme occupations and lifestyles such as rock climbers, mountain bikers, construction workers, police, firemen and the military. The hoop feature was developed to provide an easy grab point and a failsafe way of securing your device. A tool is included to screw the case together. The tool also doubles as a stand for media sharing. For added reinforcement, the case is constructed from two rubberized plastic parts that are locked together with screws. The case includes a utility tool that is used to screw the case together. The PX360 was launched at CES in 2011. PX360 is a case to do something extreme. The success of PX360 identified PureGear as a brand that invests in product quality and design.