• Stuffit Wall Mounted Hanger
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STUFFIT CLOTHING ORGANIZER - hang it, lie it, roll it, loop it, poke it, scrunch it, stuff it

The Stuffit wall-mounted clothes organizer is a modern and minimal alternative to the traditional coat hanger. Simply, the Stuffit is a collection of holes and bumps on which to hang clothes, hats, umbrellas and other personal objects. The Stuffit is constructed from CNC wood and attached to the wall through extruded aluminum spacers. User friendly packaging was designed to include all the required tools to assemble and hang the Stuffit easily by one person in under five minutes. Pip Tompkin designed the Stuffit with Ragnhild Marianne Rokke for Colebrook Bosson Saunders, an international company of designers, manufacturers and worldwide distributors of award-winning ergonomic products. Stuffit was sold globally through small designer boutiques.