PIP TOMPKIN DESIGN- we are a group of creative big thinkers

Pip Tompkin Design is a design and innovation company located in Los Angeles, California. The company was founded by Pip Tompkin and Shannon Hematian based on our Big Think and Big Idea methodology which has helped companies from all over the world develop unique, highly successful products, product strategies and brands. Pip Tompkin Design is a collective of some of the smartest, innovative and creative people in the business. Each members of the team is highly qualified, graduating top of their class. The team has a balance of both male and female designers to provide critical gender insights into every project. It is also a requirement that to work at Pip Tompkin Design, every team member needs to have studied or worked in another country. This gives the group a deep understanding and respect for cultural differences, a critical attribute when developing products for multi-cultural society or a global market. We also pride ourselves on being truly good, considerate people to work with, a key ingredient when choosing who to work with on your next special project.