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VIZIO ALL-IN-ONE DESKTOP PC - elegant minimal design statement

The Vizio All in One Desktop PC is the winner of the 2013 IDSA IDEA Bronze Design Award. The All-in-One PC was designed to be an elegant minimal design statement. Vizio stated that there was to be no compromise in the beauty of the All-in-One desktop. Pip Tompkin Studio, together with Vizio, drew on miniaturization techniques normally associated with laptop computers to develop a ultra-thin product. Manufacturing techniques usually associated with high end furniture were utilized to create a stylish product for the home. To complete the minimal elegant theme a range of accessories were developed, including a keyboard, touchpad and remote control. Vizio is known as an industry leader when it comes to entertainment, so to enhance the All-in-Ones media experience, the team developed a subwoofer, hidden within the power supply. CNBC described the AIO as “striking” and showcased it as the first product in an article titled “Can design save the PC”. The Vizio touch All-in-One is available in two sizes, the 24″ display and the 27″ display.