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VIZIO M-SERIES SMART TV - TV design is a subtle art

The M Series Smart TV language was the result of an extraordinary deep investigation by Pip Tompkin Studio and Vizio as to how to evolve and strengthen the company brand and create the next generation of distinctive TVs. TV design is a subtle art. When the TV is on, the media and smart content should be the primary focus. But when the TV is off the product should not overwhelm the space. This is a growing problem that designers have to deal with as TVs become larger. The solution was a combination of two approaches. The first approach was to subtly alter the TVs silhouette in a way that would become iconic to Vizio. The result is an asymmetrical branding strategy that places the company logo on a tab that breaks from the lower right edge of the TV. The second approach was to create a pure, precise and rich material story. The new language raises consumer awareness that Vizio is a company that values design and as a result, now makes some of the nicest TV’s in the world. Since its release, the M Series has been a huge success for Vizio.