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Vizio Super TV – the benchmark of sensory excellence

Vizio approached us with the need to create a unified design language across a fragmented brand. We developed the Vizio ‘Breaking the Silhouette’ Language to harmonize the brand, and provide continuity. The language needed to be scalable, to work with TVs, across many different sizes from 24” to 120”. The language also needed to have the breadth to include other products, including speakers, laptops, desktop computers and tablets. The language was also scalable at a price level, providing options from entry-level products through to premium. In the US launch of the language, Vizio sold more TVs in one day then all the other manufactures sold combined that year. Products under this design language have won many design awards. The M Series Smart TV was the result of an extraordinarily deep investigation into how to best strengthen the image and messaging of the company. Our goal was to create the next generation of distinctive TVs on the market. The screens that we designed with this design language became huge hits for Vizio and solidified the brand’s position as one of the leaders in digital communication.