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VIZIO ULTRABOOK FAMILY - resetting expectations

The Vizio Ultrabook is the winner of the 2013 IDSA IDEA Silver Design Award. One of the Vizio’s design goals was to reset people’s expectations when purchasing a PC. No longer should people trade off design for functionality. Vizio approached Pip Tompkin Studio to help them develop a range of PC’s with a distinctive modern design. Innovative approaches to materials, component layouts and production techniques resulted in these products being some of the thinnest notebook computers in the world. To improve the usability, the underside of the Ultrabooks is rubberized to make them comfortable on the lap. The black rubberized surface also makes the Ultrabook easier to grip and exaggerates the products thinness. This product carries the new asymmetrical branding language developed by Vizio and Pip Tompkin Studio. The new design language spanned across three products, a 14″ Touchscreen Ultrabook, 15.6″ Touchscreen Ultrabook and a 15.6″ Notebook.